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How Does A Medical Student Come Out Of His Depression?

Discussion in 'Medical Students Cafe' started by Doaa samir, Sep 5, 2019.

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    Feeling sad, loss of interest and passion, anxiety and sleep disturbance, all of this fall under the term of depression. The term of depression is always associated with medical students, as medical students are always prone to depression Because of the pressures and burdens of study in addition to the pressures of normal life. And according to statistics, a medical students are more likely to be depressed than their peers.

    Causes of depression of medical student:
    • His many responsibilities, difficulty of academic study, time pressure and many burdens and the effort to accomplish them.
    • Requirements of high professionalism in general practice, pressure in dealing with patients of different cultures, in addition to facing emergency situations that require serious decisions and the implementation of those decisions professionally and with high accuracy to not endanger the patient's life at risk.
    • In addition to depression it is possible that a medical student is exposed to anxiety, insomnia, fatigue, mood swings and in some cases may reach suicidal thoughts.
    • Some medical students to overcome the symptoms of depression heading for narcotic substances thinking that they can help them, but it’s actually only a time bomb will explode and worsen the situation.
    • In some cases, the problem is aggravated by silence, lack of help from specialists and complete surrender to depression and suicidal thoughts.

    Solutions for medical student to overcome depression:
    • Self-confidence and believe in your Capabilities as a medical student to face all difficulties, as each of us has the energy to overcome all his problems with courage.
    • Believe that you are completely responsible for your life and how to live it.
    • Love what you are doing, you are a doctor, your profession requires some suffering from you to be able to solve the suffering of others. What a wonderful goal!
    • Create a life for yourself outside medicine and its study so you can escape to it whenever the opportunity arises, and be motivation for you in your academic life.
    • Change your life style, Play sports, develop your talent, create new hobbies, study a new language or learn to play a musical instrument. • Strengthen your social links with friends and family, work to form a friendship far from academic life and find common hobbies with friends through which you can enjoy time.
    • The necessity of a good division to your time between academic life and social life and your special life. And Don't postpone your work to avoid its accumulation later.
    • Participate in student activities, charities and help others will help you to feel more better.
    • Believe that there are those who have experienced your problem and managed to overcome it, you can succeed only if you want.
    • Never hesitate to ask for help from specialists as depression, like any organic disease, requires medical help.

    You as a medical student should be fully aware of depression, its symptoms, causes and ways of treatment, whether by changing the life style or receiving medicines in the last. You must alert others about the seriousness of the depression and how to follow life style to keep them away from this disease. Sometimes the doctor may need medical help also so never let yourself fall as a prey for this disease.

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