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How To Avoid Vacation Weight Gain

Discussion in 'Dietetics' started by Egyptian Doctor, Oct 13, 2012.

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    Vacation weight gain is something that many travelers dread. It may seem like an inevitable and foregone conclusion that when you go on vacation, you’ll come back home at the end weighing a few pounds more than you did before you left.

    However, vacation weight gain is not inevitable. You can take the proper measures before, after and during your vacation to monitor yourself carefully and avoid gaining weight. This will help to keep your total weight at a constant and healthy level; it’s generally stressful for your body to gain and lose weight regularly and over short periods of time.

    Before the Vacation

    If you anticipate that you’ll be going on vacation and are worried about weight gain, try to prepare for the vacation somewhat before you go. If you suspect that you’ll be eating more than usual, or eating foods that are less healthy than your typical foods, or if you think that you will not have the chance to exercise as you normally would, you should try to limit the food that you eat somewhat before you go. Keep track of the food that you eat and avoid eating desserts, red meats or other unhealthy items before you leave. You should start to change your diet for about as long as you’ll be on vacation. Be sure to continue to eat regular meals and to fully nourish yourself so that you aren’t sick or otherwise in poor health for the vacation itself.

    During the Vacation

    While you’re on vacation, it’s important that you take the time to relax and enjoy yourself; if you don’t do that, you’ll be missing out on the point of going on vacation anyway. So it’s good to let yourself go a bit and to enjoy foods and drinks that you might not otherwise have. You can even take some days off from your exercise routine. However, do be careful that you continue to monitor yourself. Work out every few days while you’re away, particularly if you’re on an extended vacation. You can also incorporate fun activities that are relevant to the local area into your daily itinerary to get interesting and unique types of exercise in.

    Also, do monitor the food that you eat. Be careful that you don’t overeat in general while on vacation.

    After the Vacation

    After your vacation, if you’ve still ended up gaining a bit of weight, you can easily remedy this by returning to your healthy diet and exercise plan from before the vacation. If you continue to observe this heightened activity and diet program for a few weeks after your vacation, you’ll likely have stabilized your weight to the level that it was at before you left.

    Once you have reached your initial weight after the vacation once again, try your best to keep it there if you are happy with that weight.

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