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How to get rid of insomnia?

Discussion in 'Psychiatry' started by Dr.Night, Jan 9, 2012.

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    In order to lead a healthy life good sleep is one of the vital things you should take care off because sleep can do miracles for your body because of its role as a rejuvenator of not only your mind but also your body. Not getting enough sleep or suffering from insomnia can be quite difficult for your organism so here are some tips that should help you get rid of insomnia.

    In order to prevent insomnia the good thing to start with is usually a regular daily time for sleep, even ancient nations knew that regular sleeping time habit helps against insomnia. One thing you should avoid though is daily nap because this can totally disrupt your regular daily time for sleep.

    Sometimes when you can not fall a sleep exercises can do the trick. It is important to know that maximum benefits cannot be achieved with exercises just prior to going to bed, in order to achieve maximum effect you should do exercise 4-6 hours before going to bed.

    Many people think how alcohol can help you to sleep good but this is not true, alcohol as well as caffeine can in fact make your insomnia worse, after all we all know that drinking lots of coffee can remove your desire for sleep.

    Cosy, warm bed is something that should be also quite helpful, especially in combination with hot tub in the evening so you could also try this. Proper diet can also have big effect on good sleep so make sure to avoid strong, spicy food, and stick with easily digestible food. Also a glass of warm milk can sometimes be enough to make your eyes sleepy.

    If you're not afraid of dark make sure to sleep in dark room, light is definitely not good for eyelids that are not sleepy. I also forgot to mention that you should try anything that relaxes and soothes you because relaxed organism has much better chance of falling into sleep than not relaxed one.

    It is always good to try these natural options before switching for medicines like sleeping pills.

    source :
    How to get rid of insomnia? | Secrets of Healthy Life

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    Thanks for sharing. I would love to follow your these tips for healthy life.

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