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How to Get Rid of Water in Your Ears

Discussion in 'Otolaryngology' started by Dr.Night, Dec 3, 2011.

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    Water in the ear can be irritating. Hearing is slightly impaired and there is a feeling of ringing in the ears.
    The following are some of the options that you must do to get rid water from the ear:

    1. Shake your head and tilt the affected ear downward. Hit the head with your palm (not that hard) and let gravity takes it course to let it drain naturally.

    2. Get an ear stick and rub it in your ear for a few second or take a cotton bud and wipe it to your ear.

    4. Jump for relief. Try hopping it off with one foot with the affected ear facing downward to push water away from your ears.

    5. Do nothing. Lay still and sleep on the affected ear. Take a nap and concentrate on resting, do not get annoyed with the uncomfortable feeling of water being stucked in your ears. Gravity will also help in pulling the water down from your ears.

    6. Another thing that does wonders to some is putting 2-3 drops of rubbing alcohol in the ear, let it stay for 3 seconds and then tilt your head over. This will also help you to get rid of the water in your ears.

    7. Have you heard of an ear drying solution? It is a solution made up of 50% acetic acid or the simple vinegar we usually use at home and another 50% of isopropyl alcohol. Apply it with a cotton swab and let it drip to the ear, about 2-3 drops will do. This will help loosen the cerumen or the earwax that clogs the ear which might hold some water in the ear canal.

    8. Apply pressure. Place your finger in your ear and do push and pull motion vigorously into the ear. Water may come out because of the pressure

    9. Let it dry with a hair blower. Use hair dryer as you normally do, place it near your ears (not too close that may cause some burns). This will hopefully dry out the stagnant water in your ears.

    10. If you have done all the options and nothing changes, it is better to seek consultation from a physician to prevent further irritation or infection. Moisture is a good breeding ground for bacteria and microorganisms. If you let stagnant water stay in your ears for a longer time, that simple water in the ear might cause serious ear complications.

    These are the things that you must remember before you swim your heart out in the beach. Don’t spoil the fun. There are remedies for almost any discomfort.

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