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How To Lose Weight Like This MBBS Student Who Lost 23Kgs And Got His Dream Body

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Dr.Scorpiowoman, Jun 10, 2019.

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    Are you ready to test your limit?


    There are many quick fixes and diets to lose weight in fortnight or even in a month – this isn’t one of those stories. This is a story of how a Mumbai-based MBBS student, Ameey Abhishek lost 23 kg and got his dream bod while studying to become a doctor.

    In his own words, Abhishek was always a “fat kid” and had hit an all-time low in junior college as he was grossly overweight. “I would binge eat all the time and would not participate in sports or any task that required a lot of physical effort. I didn’t even realise how much I was harming my health until I started my med school journey. I weighed around 95 kg in my first year of college and things were not really looking up for me because I just kept going up a clothing size every time I went shopping. It was really embarrassing,” he says.

    “Consequently, I joined the gym with an aimless target to just get rid of my flabs and chest fat – I was very conscious about these two things. I lost 6 kg initially but most of this just water weight. So at 89 kg, I was still out of shape and always exhausted,” he adds.

    In order to build muscle, Abhishek started weight training and intense cardio sessions. “I was working out 7 days a week and after months, I finally started feeling better about myself at 84 kg. Now, almost at the end of my college journey, I weigh 72 kg and the struggle has been very real. When I hit 84 kg, I kind of got stuck there because my diet was not in order."

    What’s the correct diet to follow to lose weight?
    Abhishek commenced his diet research in the most millennial friendly manner: by checking out fitness idols on YouTube and understanding training methods and diets.

    “I try to have 6 meals in a day but begin my day at the gym on an empty stomach.”

    Early morning: "I do fasted cardio first thing in the morning then come back and have glass of water with apple cider vinegar"

    Breakfast: 50 gram of oats with a scoop of Whey protein and some almonds

    Brunch: 5-6 egg whites with coconut water

    Lunch: 200 gram of boiled or air fried chicken and broccoli

    Pre-workout: Half a scoop of Whey mixed with 40 gram of oats and a scoop of peanut butter or a slice of brown bread with peanut butter

    Post-workout: 200 gram of chicken. "This is also my dinner"

    "Before going to bed I have 2 spoons of psyllium husk or an unflavoured yogurt as a probiotic. And, I cannot emphasise this enough but it is very important to stay hydrates. I drink around 5-6 litre of water every day."

    Weight loss exercises to follow?
    "I do strenuous leg workouts twice a week and this is what I do from Monday to Sunday at the gym:"

    Monday: Back and bicep workout (pull ups, biceps curl, etc)

    Tuesday: Shoulder tricep workout (dips, overhead press)

    Wednesday: 45 minutes of cardio and upper ab exercises (dumbbell crunch, etc)

    Thursday: Leg workout (leg press, dumbbell lunges, etc)

    Friday: Chest and calves workout

    Saturday: Leg day (again) with lower abs

    Sunday: "I go cycling"

    Any tips for someone who’s trying to lose weight?
    “Weigh loss doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time. Stay consistent, keep your nutrition in check and most importantly respect your body and it’s struggles.”


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