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How To Prevent Weight Loss Frustrations

Discussion in 'Psychiatry' started by Egyptian Doctor, Oct 27, 2013.

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    Oftentimes I hear people say that they want to give up with regards to losing weight and I completely understand them. Shedding those unwanted pounds away can be difficult. It requires tons and tons of sacrifices before you could even shed your first 5 pounds away. It is harder than actually doing a job for the very first time. Consequently, a lot of people who try to lose weight just give up even if they just got started. There is no short cuts when it comes to losing weight. You may be able to do it a little faster however, it will still require a huge amount of effort from you.

    I believe that one of the reasons why people give up when it comes to burning those fats away is that they got unrealistic expectations and oftentimes set goals that couldn't be met right away. I also went through this kind of frustration and it took a while before I realized that the only person who is stopping me from progressing was myself.

    So with that, I'd like to share some tips that would help you avoid some weight loss pitfalls.

    1. Understand the science behind it

    Losing weight is a long process. If you don't understand this fact and the science behind weight loss then most probably you will feel tired of doing the same kind of exercises, eating the same kind of food and taking the same weight loss supplement. Before a person could actually lose weight, his body has to go a gradual change. This change starts within your body. As you try to lose weight, your body needs to adjust to the rapid change of activity especially whenever you do your workouts and also in relation to your diet. As time goes by, your body will get to used to the changes that you did and eventually, you will see signs of weight loss starting to manifest.

    2. Set realistic expectation

    I always suggest that if you want to lose weight, it is important that you have someone to supervise you. You could consult your physician or hire a fitness instructor to help you. With their expertise, they could provide you with a realistic goals. These goals could either be short term or long term depending on the amount of weight you want to get rid of.

    3. Don't push yourself too much

    Just like in body building, if you push yourself too much, it could cause serious health problems. Aside from that, you will begin to expect too much result as well. One example of this is fasting. If you force yourself not to eat anything, later on you will unconsciously eat a lot because you've deprived your body of something that it needs. Bottom line, you won't be able to attain anything at all.

    Feeling frustrated is normal. It is actually a sign that you're actually doing something. Frustration is just a part of losing weight. Once you learn how to cope up with it, you will eventually be able to achieve your weight loss goals little by little.



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