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How To Share Your Cases With Us

Discussion in 'Spot Diagnosis' started by Egyptian Doctor, Feb 9, 2014.

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    1- If you aren't a member in the forum so you can join us for Free through this link :

    2- If you know the diagnosis of your case , add it in "Spot Diagnosis" for images or in "Case Studies" for short cases.

    3- If you don't know the diagnosis so add your case in the forum "Hospital"

    Add Your Cases.png

    4- Open the suitable forum for your case , click on "Post New Thread" to start your topic.

    Post New Thread.png

    5- Write your case , if you have images add it through these buttons

    Add An Image.png

    6- If you know the answer of your case add the answer in this way [HIDE"] Answer [/HIDE] to appear in hidden box "NB: Remove the quote after the first hide , I added it only to explain for you how to add a hidden box"

    Hidden Box.png

    7- Click on "Create Thread" to submit your thread and wait for the comments

    Create Thread.png

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