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How To Study Histology

Discussion in 'Histology' started by Egyptian Doctor, Jan 1, 2016.

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    I guess Histology isn’t a troublemaker in med school, but maybe some of you are interested how I studied for finals …

    ☞ Pay attention during the course:
    I know, Histology doesn’t seem as cool as the pacemaker you’ve probably found in your cadaver’s thorax, but listen to the prof while he is explaining slides … it can help you at your practical finals.

    ☞ Draw drafts and take notes:Drawing and taking notes personally helped me although it was really time-consuming.


    ☞ Take pictures of the slides during class:You’ve found the Brunner’s gland in the duodenum or the amnion epithelia in the placenta? Take a picture so that you can review important stuff at home while you’re studying. If you’re not allowed to take pic during classes, afford yourself or rent a Histology Atlas.


    (just in case you are wondering: this isn’t the Duodenum nor the Placenta)

    ☞ Rent a microscope and some slides: Normally med schools offer microscopes and slides to students for a small fee. If you have the possibility to do so, I really can recommend it!


    ☞ Test yourself:

    2 days before finals I tested myself with slides. I covered the identification number with sticky notes …


    ☞ Don’t panic during your practical finals!When I first looked into the microscope to identify the first slide I was like: OMG I see nothing!

    Just stay calm and try to describe what you’re actually seeing: e. g. my first slide was the Gl. parotidea: organization in glandular lobules, Acini and striated ducts.

    Start with a system and you’ll find the right diagnosis for the slide

    All the best!


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