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How To Work As A Foreign Doctor In Argentina?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Sandra Pierina Lopez, Nov 1, 2019.

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    In Argentina there are two ways to obtain the approval of a foreign medical degree; the choice of these will depend on your country of origin and the necessary requirements for each of the countries.

    We find the modality of Validation that is carried out through the Ministry of Education, which approves degrees granted by foreign universities, from countries that have a specific bilateral agreement with Argentina and for cases of resolution of mutual recognition of university degrees. In this way, the health professional can carry out his activity or continue postgraduate studies in the country.

    The countries who have signed an agreement with Argentina are: Republic of Bolivia, United Mexican States, Republic of Chile, Republic of Colombia, Republic of Cuba, Republic of Ecuador, Republic of Peru, Kingdom of Spain, Republic of Ukraine and Republic of Venezuela; through Resolution 230-E / 2018, Arab Republic-Syria, through Resolution 229-E / 2018.

    According to the bilateral agreement with the country of origin, the validation can be carried out directly or indirectly. It is carried out directly when the country of origin has the institution that accredits the degree and the Ministry of Education carries out the homologation, indirectly, selecting a national university that evaluated the study plan and complementary requirements that the foreign professional must make. , once the academic obligations have been fulfilled, the process will be completed with its corresponding validation.

    The Documentation necessary to achieve the approval must be paid through the TAD platform (, these being:

    • National Identity of the country of origin, which appears in the academic papers.

    • Argentine ID

    • Documentation with the certification of the Ministry of Education of the country of origin, of the Ministry of Interior and Apostille of the Hague (in the specific case of the Kingdom of Spain by the Ministry of Justice) according to Agreement.

    • Academic diploma.

    • National Provision Diploma (only in the case of Bolivia)

    • Certificate of qualifications or title supplement

    • Certificate of time load in clock hours, (in cases where it is not expressed in clock hours, a certificate specifying the equivalence of the unit of academic measure must be submitted)

    • Rotary internship (only for the Health area)

    • Full program content

    • Proof of Scholarship belonging to scholarship programs (only for Argentine citizens who completed their undergraduate studies in Cuba)

    In the case of carrying out Equivalence, this modality is carried out through the national universities, which teach the Medicine career, it is a state-run, autonomous management where each university is governed by its own statutes and rules, for this reason, the start, course and end of the procedure varies according to each institution.

    The economic cost of the procedure also varies depending on the university, in some they can get to charge for the procedure about 15,000 ARS and others just a small amount.

    The University will choose the exams and the means of evaluation it deems appropriate, its complexity and modality (theoretical-written, theoretical-oral, practical), as well as the time covered by each evaluation.

    Although many universities can perform this procedure, they should be carried out in those that have already issued and regularly issue the revalidation of the medical degree, which already has experience and agility, within these are:

    - Buenos Aires' University (UBA)

    - National University of CUYO (Mendoza)

    - National University of Cordoba

    - University of COMAHUE (Neuquén)

    - University of La Plata

    - National University of Rosario

    Upon completion of the validation or revalidation procedures, as appropriate, the Ministry of Health of Argentina issues the national registration, which may allow the professional to exercise in whichever hospital.

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