How To Work As A Foreign Doctor In Mexico

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    Professionals who graduated in the area of Medicine abroad who want to practice in Mexico, must to give a series of administrative and academic requirements so that health authorities can grant them official validity. They must demonstrate that the studies carried out in their country of origin are comparable with the studies taught in the Mexican system. Revalidation of studies in Mexico is carried out by the Ministry of Public Education (federal or local authority).


    There are two modalities:

    Total Revalidation that allows you to obtain a professional ID once you have recognized studies abroad as equivalent to those that exist in the National Education System.

    Partial Revalidation which allows you to continue unfinished medical studies, in a particular institution of the National Education System.

    The applicant must present the requested documentation in original and copy, after being reviewed the originals will be returned.

    The Requirements are:

    1.- Request for revalidation of studies
    2.- Birth certificate or equivalent document.
    3.- Certificate of studies.
    4.- Title or diploma of the studies obtained to date.
    5.- Pensum and study programs.
    6.- Proof of payment of rights in the amount of $ 1.117
    7.- You may optionally attach the academic background.
    8.- Migration document

    -The documents that are issued in a language other than Spanish, must be submitted with their corresponding simple translation, made by official translators.

    -The documents that must be legalized and / or apostilled are: Diploma, Title, Certificate of Notes, Certificate or Academic Degrees, Birth Certificate, Academic Background.

    -At the moment of entering the procedure, the user can suggest to the educational authority with which institution and program to compare their studies.

    -The process can be done by the user personally or can authorize a third party through a simple proxy letter and with a copy of the official identification of both.

    - It is advisable to attach proof of scholarships granted by institutions such as the National Council of Science and Technology (CONACYT), proof of postgraduate studies and vouchers if it belongs to the National System of Researchers (SIN).

    - Once the Revalidation of the foreign Title is obtained, the professional identity card must be processed, which is the valid document to legally practice the profession in Mexico.

    - The process of revalidation of the title can last a time that goes from 15 business days onwards.

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    hay alguna pagina web que pueda ir para ver los requisitos para obtener requisitos y papeleo para registrar a mi jefe?, el es medico neurocirujano en los estados unidos.

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