If There Is Just One Item I Can Remove From My Diet, What Should It Be?

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    This question was originally posted on Quora.com and was answered by Dil Awaiz


    If you’re one of those sorts who would like to drop a few pounds (not too drastically, might I add: just over a period of a couple weeks or months), than this piece of advice might be good for you.

    I suggest you cut out sugar. Not all sugar, just unnecessary sugar that you don’t need to so frequently consume. The type of stuff they add to Starbucks drinks, milkshakes or juices outside. Every soda or smoothie that you replace with water is hundreds of calories that you’re forfeiting every single day!

    Here’s a little handy snippet that I found on Livestrong: “If you're drinking an average of 150 calories of soda every day, not drinking soda will save you 1,050 calories per week. Over a year's time, that translates to the equivalent of more than 15 pounds of fat -- not including any weight you'd lose from other lifestyle changes such as getting more exercise…”

    Skip out on the sugary drinks, and you’ll be able to save money and calories in the long term!


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