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Invisalign pros and cons

Discussion in 'Dental Medicine' started by Sarah Hussien, Oct 14, 2019.

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    Invisalign pros and cons

    Invisalign is the esthetic alternative orthodontic device to the conventional one which consists of metallic wire and brackets.

    It is made of a custom clear plastic like tray and it is replaced regularly along the treatment period.

    Like every treatment option, it has its pros and cons.
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    Invisalign pros :

    1- The main advantage of Invisalign is invisibility due to its translucent appearance which is a very important option to some patients especially young age ones.

    2- It is a simple removable advice, so patient can remove it while eating, drinking or brushing.

    3- More comfortable to most of patients than wire braces.

    Invisalign cons :

    1- It has relatively high cost, so not all categories of patients can afford it. Metallic braces is considered less expensive.

    2- Need to do attachments like brackets on the teeth enamel surface which act as anchors for Invisalign engagement and stability. These may be non favorable for some patients.

    3- It should be worn for 22 hours per day, As a result the patient may lose weight because of restricted time for three meals and snacks.

    4- Patient may have a lisp which is a defect in spelling especially "s" and "z" letters.

    5- Bonded attachments to teeth surface may become stained with time.

    6- It is not allowed for patient to drink hot beverages while wearing Invisalign, only cold drinks are allowed.

    7- It is not a suitable treatment option for complicated cases.

    To sum up, every treatment option has its advantages and disadvantages and the option which will work with a patient is not necessary to work with another one.

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