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Is It OK To Have Sex Just After Periods?

Discussion in 'Gynaecology and Obstetrics' started by Egyptian Doctor, Sep 6, 2019.

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    A considerable amount of ladies wonder about whether sex after periods is OK or not. Numerous individuals accept that they can have intercourse following periods and stay away from pregnancy in that manner. There are individuals who don't know about that and need some unmistakable clarification about having intercourse after periods and imagining. Continue perusing to become familiar with it.

    Is It OK to Have Sex Just After Periods?

    A great many people pose this inquiry for the odds of getting pregnant or keeping away from it. The appropriate response is that it is hypothetically conceivable to get pregnant, however the genuine event is moderately not excessively much. The most significant factor is the term of your period.

    Your fruitfulness window in a run of the mill cycle of 28-30 days is between Day 11 and 21 Day. It implies that on the off chance that you seep for 5-7 days and have intercourse directly from that point onward, you may at present get pregnant in light of the fact that sperms can satisfy 5 days. On the off chance that sperm gets by until your fruitfulness window, you may wind up getting to be pregnant.

    Step by step instructions to Figure Out Safe Days for Sex

    Since you have the solution to your inquiry, "is it OK to have intercourse after periods?"you might need to realize the best approach to make sense of safe sex days. For this, you first need to consider in the event that you have a customary menstrual cycle or an unpredictable one.

    1. For a Regular Menstrual Cycle

    A menstrual cycle can be separated into three stages – pre-ovulatory barrenness, the fruitfulness time frame, and the post-ovulatory fruitlessness which starts a couple of days before your next period. To compute safe days for sex, note the last time frame first date and ascertain the longest and briefest menstrual cycles by watching your cycle throughout the previous a half year. In a standard menstrual period (25 to 32 days), the first day to seventh day, the 21st to the remainder of the cycle are viewed as protected.

    2. For an Irregular Menstrual Cycle

    On the off chance that you have a sporadic menstrual cycle, you can at present focus on indications of ovulation to compute your sheltered days for sex. You need to focus on the consistency of your vaginal liquid and your basal body temperature to get a thought regarding ovulation. You can get some OTC ovulation packs for assistance, however they can be very costly. It is smarter to practice ensured sex through physical hindrance techniques or hormonal birth control if you are making an effort not to imagine.

    3. Changes to Notice During Ovulation

    Is it OK to engage in sexual relations after periods? It relies upon when you start ovulating. This is the point at which you see unpretentious changes in your body. These signs as a rule start showing up around three weeks before you have your next period. You will encounter uneasiness on one side of your tummy, have expanded vaginal release that will resemble stretchy egg white, and have expanded sex drive. Checking your cervical bodily fluid day by day will likewise inform a great deal concerning when you start ovulating.

    More Birth Control Options without Using Hormones

    In the event that you don't know about the answer,"is it OK to engage in sexual relations directly after periods?" don't take any risks. You can generally utilize a few conception prevention alternatives to counteract undesirable pregnancies. The following are some viable ones that don't require utilizing hormones.

    1. Male and Female Condoms

    While there are numerous better approaches for contraception, the great condom is still among the best. It forestalls pregnancy as well as shields you from contracting explicitly transmitted contaminations. Condoms today are made out of latex just as manufactured materials and are utilized for oral, vagina, and butt-centric sex. There are choices accessible in the event that you are adversely affected by some material. There are female condoms also that you have to embed into your vagina – it fits like a pocket and keeps sperm from entering. At the point when utilized appropriately, the achievement rate for female condoms is 95%, though the achievement rate for male condoms is 98%. No mater female condoms or male condoms, there is constantly a hazard that they will break or part.

    2. Cervical Cap

    Otherwise called Lea prophylactic, this cervix-based alternative has 92-96% of accomplishment rate. It is essentially a silicone top that utilizes spermicide to shield sperm from entering. The disappointment rate goes up strikingly when you don't have the foggiest idea how to utilize it effectively.

    3. Stomach

    It works very like the cervical top, however you can leave it inside for a generally longer period in light of its littler size. You may stay away from it in the event that you are worried about STIs or you are touchy to synthetic concoctions. The achievement rate is 92-96%.

    4. Intra-Uterine Devices

    Otherwise called the loop, the intrauterine gadget is a little plastic gadget that your medical attendant will fit into your belly. It makes an obstruction and shields sperm from gathering the egg. When you have it put in your uterus, it can remain there for as long as 10 years. While it has 99% of achievement rate for conception prevention, it doesn't offer any assurance from explicitly transmitted ailments. You may likewise have substantial periods for a couple of months in the wake of having it set in your belly.

    5. Outercourse

    You can avert undesirable pregnancy on the off chance that you constrain yourself to dry bumping, overwhelming petting, crushing, or outercourse. Every one of these strategies have 100% achievement rate and still let you have a ton of fun. You may adhere to these strategies while you are new in a relationship and as yet attempting to become familiar with one another. Simply remember that it is never a long haul arrangement.

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