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J Geriatr Cardiol. 2019 Jul; 16(7): 552–566. doi: 10.11909/j.issn.1671-5411.2019.07.004 PMCID: PMC66

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    Adverse drug reaction is defined by the World Health Organization as any response to a drug that is noxious and unintended and occurs at a dose normally used in man. Older people are at elevated risk of adverse drug reactions—because of changes in pharmacodynamics, concurrent use of multiple medications and the related drug interactions. However, adverse drug reactions are significantly underestimated in the elderly population that is also exposed to inappropriate drugs. Amiodarone is an antiarrhythmic drug used commonly for the treatment of atrial fibrillation and is increasingly prescribed in older people. While amiodarone is an efficient drug for rhythm control, it's a carrier of different adverse reactions, and pro and cons must be carefully evaluated before its use especially in older people.

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