Just Graduated Medschool and I'm Turning 28 Soon and I Feel Old. I Feel Like I Wasted So Many Years

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    I am turning 28 soon and I feel old. I feel like I wasted so many years not being fulfilled. Is 28 old?


    This question was originally posted on Quora.com and was answered by Les Matheson, Technical trainer at Bloomberg in New York

    Yes, you’re practically an Egyptian relic! I’ve been 28 at least twice over now, so I’m an expert on oldness!

    But if you’re concerned about wasted years — and I agree that they were largely wasted — then the question is “now what?” Every tragedy has a climax, and when it’s over the sun comes out the next day and asks that same question again. Now what?

    Some people come out of that question tunnel shouting “I will live to the fullest!” — but what does that mean, exactly? Should you be climbing Mt. Everest? Fulfilling your dream to sing opera at Lincoln Center? Playing out your Disney Princess glory road to a thunderous applause?

    Remember: the day after the applause, the sun comes out with its question. The day after you leave Lincoln Center, the sun comes out and asks “now what?”

    You always go back to zero, yes? Isn’t that the core fact of life? After it all turns out, the score returns to zero and the new day dawns?

    Here’s a suggestion: find out how to make zero deeply satisfying. Then the rest just flows forward as you walk, and there’s no such thing as “wasted time” anymore. When the sun comes out again, you wave to your oldest friend and it waves back.


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