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Med School Is Hard: 6 Tools To Get You Through It

Discussion in 'Medical Students Cafe' started by Lets Enjoy Medicine, Jun 20, 2021.

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    Let’s face it, med school is hard. Studying medicine brings a unique set of mental health challenges.

    A study by Beyond Blue found:
    • 1 in 2 medical students suffer from emotional exhaustion
    • 8% of medical students have been diagnosed with depression, compared with 15% of the general population
    • 1 in 5 medical students have thoughts of suicide
    We’ve reviewed some of the tools currently offered by Universities and organisations to help medical students develop resilience in their professional lives.

    #1: Keeping Your Grass Greener – Australian Medical Students Association

    The Keeping Your Grass Greener Guide was put together by the Australian Medical Students Association to assist medical students in maintaining their health and wellbeing throughout their time at medical school.

    Within this user-friendly guide you will find stories, articles and practical advice relating to your wellbeing. It’s full of tools designed to help equip yourself to become a rounded, resilient and most of all, healthy doctor.

    #2: Student support, health and wellbeing – Sydney Medical School

    Sydney University have a section of their website devoted to helping medical students maintain their physical and mental health.

    Whilst it’s for Sydney Medical School students the information is open to the public, which is great news, as it’s full of comprehensive and practical resources. Check out the page specifically addressing stress and burnout.

    #3: RCubed – General Practice Registrars Australia

    R-Cubed is a website providing GP Registrars, medical students and pre-vocational doctors with real strategies to build resilience in busy times.

    Within the website there is some great content with stories from those in the profession speaking candidly about their experiences. Check out ‘Blood Sweat and the Early Years’ as one example.

    #4: Resilience – University of New South Wales

    The University of New South Wales (UNSW) have a web page aimed at helping their students build resilience through mindfulness.

    Whilst the information here is not medical student specific, they provide some useful information on how perception impacts our ability to cope with challenges. It includes two videos: Scientific Guide to Resiliency & Grit and The Building Blocks of Resilience.

    #5: Building resilience – Monash University

    This 1000-word webpage focuses on building resilience throughout your career. Whilst it’s not one specifically for medical students, it provides some useful information and links to external resources such as the American Psychological Association.

    #6: Wellbeing Handbook – ANU Medical Students Society

    This closed-access guide includes information on how careers in medicine can affect people’s mental health. It offers coping strategies and a list of medical and allied health professionals that can help.

    The focus is on how all ANU medical students can take active steps to reduce stress and other factors that can be detrimental to mental health.

    Have you got any tips, tools or advice to add? Let us know about them by emailing [email protected].

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