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Medical Specialties As Dogs breed

Discussion in 'Veterinary Medicine' started by Saira Ikram, Aug 26, 2019.

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    Medical specialists are the busiest persons of this planet. They work very hard to save the life of a humans suffering from a medical problem. But every human being lived to fulfill their passion and dream. So if you are a medical specialist and have a passion of having a little dog as a pet in your house, apartment etc then congratulations you are at a right place. Below are the breeds of Dogs that are suitable and works well for the medical specialists:-

    1. Surgeons:

    Surgery is the highly paid occupation in the world and thus the surgeons earn much more than one can think. If you are a surgeon and have a love for dogs too so you might be thinking which dog breeds works well for you?

    Following is the list of dog breeds you can keep in your living apartments and it might suit you better:-

    · Grey hounds

    · Rottweiler

    · German shepherd

    · Bull dogs

    These breeds are very loyal, confident and loving to their owners as well as their family friends but to strangers these might be so rude and destructive in behavior and interrupts every human being quite frequently. These are the dogs that are very aggressive in nature and attack the others for no reason so if they attack a human then you might be the surgeon to that one in this way they are not only the pets to you but the source of earning as well.

    2. Dermatologists:

    A dermatologist is the medical specialist of the skin diseases caused by management and cosmetic problems of skin, nails and hair. They are very conscious about health care and skin so if you are a dermatologist and want to add a piece of happiness in your life which is a dog as a pet then the following breeds might works well for you:-

    · Afghan hound.

    · Komondor

    · Bergamasco Shepherd.

    · Bearded Collie.

    · Yorkshire terrier.

    · Newfoundland.

    · Shih Tzu.

    · Lhasa Apso

    · Maltese dog breed

    · Pug

    These are the breeds that require much grooming and exercises daily to be healthy and fit. They need a bath of sunshine daily with the need of much water to drink. They need someone that comb their hairs and make them neat and clean. So if you are a dermatologist these breeds are the best suitable to your passion.

    3. Veterinarians:

    Veterinarians are the all rounder they can keep each breed available to them and can groom and trained them well thus make them the earning source as well.

    4.Pediatric Specialist:

    Child specialists are the one who deals with every problem of babies. It includes medical problems skin problems health problems etc They work day and night with these little babies .If you are a child specialist and looking for a breed of dog to keep then you might be amazed with the following breeds:-

    · Siberian husky

    · Boston terrier

    · French bulldog

    · Italian greyhound

    · Pug

    · Havanese

    • Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.
    • Havanese.
    • Pug. ...
    • Italian Greyhound. ...
    • Papillon. ...
    • Yorkshire Terrier. ...
    • Pomeranian.
    These are the breeds that are known as the lapdogs they captivated you by their jolly and gentle attitude, playfulness and charm.

    5. Psychiatrists:

    Psychologists are the person that deals with the normal and abnormal behavior of humans due to mental stresses, their perception, emotional and social behaviours. Psychology is the trickiest field of medical specialist as they want to know the psychological defects of a healthy looking individual. If you are a psychologist and want to have pet dog then the below breeds might work perfect for you:-

    · Rottweiler

    · Basenji

    · Bernese Mountain Dog

    These breeds of dogs are quite calm, friendly and often busy in observing the activities of their surroundings. Rottweilers are the very alert and active breed that they can’t even respond to stupid commands. Basenjis are the bark less dogs and Bernese mountain dog also bark to its minimum. They are not noisy dogs and also don’t disturbs your concentrations.

    6. Physiotherapists:

    Physiotherapists are the medical specialists that deals mainly with the back and bones injuries of humans. They also treat the patients having arthritis issues by exercises. So if you want a pet dog then below breeds best suited to you:-

    · Labrador retriever.

    · Basset Hound

    · Dachshund. ...

    · English bulldog. ...

    · Scottish terrier. ...

    · Beagle. ...

    · German shepherd. ...

    · Cocker Spaniel.

    The Labrador retriever is commonly known as the “Flabrador Retriever” due to its tendency towards being overweight. The Basset Hound has a big hunger, slow metabolism, and relaxed manner. So these breeds need to work hard in their physical appearances to be fit and healthy.

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