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Medical Students Life Style

Discussion in 'Medical Students Cafe' started by shahinda saed, Sep 5, 2019.

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    Medical Students LifeStyle

    Medical study is a dream for many young students, many are passionate to help humanity and get a promising career by joining the Faculty Of Medicine. Let us, first of all, say congrats that you are achieving the first step in your dream and you currently are accepted and will start to have a life of medical students. Don’t get worried by many rumors that you will not be happy and will not be able to have a balanced lifestyle. It is a fact that medical school exams are not so easy but by some planning, you can have and enjoy the whole journey.

    Here Are Some of The Stereotypes Characters And Life Style Who You Will Find In Medical Student’s Years Of Study

    Mr. nerd: who is always on fire for studying and attending med lectures

    Mr. lazy: who has a problem always to get up early and attend anything

    Reading Worm: his natural environment is the library

    Party Dude: Party laws are his specialty, parties come first

    Mr. Middle: equilibrium is their symbol, attending the minimum percentage of med classes, moderate grades at their exams and good grades is their goal

    The Shy Person: who is always afraid to share, you hardly know his name or hear his voice

    Here are most of the famous characters and their lifestyle that many have heard.

    Actually There 3 Known Ways And Life Styles You Could Follow at Your Med School Life

    1)Moderate students: They assume that they have realized everything they want in life after joining the Faculty Of Medicine after passing high school. They don’t take their upcoming so serious. They only learn for passing tests in semesters and labs. They even like a lot and lead a complete tension free life and attain a bachelor degree ultimately. But it can be hard for them to enter Post graduation in many times.

    2)Competitive students: They are here to compete with each other, competition in their blood. They fight for good grades and be glamorous between their colleagues. They get admirations in good subjects and even become a gold champion. But to get an honor in any topic, they spend a lot of energy on unnecessary matters. Those are helpful to gain good grades but not helpful to be a perfect doctor. They suffer from high levels of stress and nervous levels but by following this path you couldn’t be iconic.

    3)Potential students: These are the real medics. They apply their energy on the education of clinical skills and knowledge rather than concentrating on exam and questions study. During the examination, they only focus on the exam-based study. They get typical pass marks in semesters or proofs. But they progress their clinical skills. They educate, love and also make fun with their partners in their free times. Lastly, they get a great score.

    Really high scores will not help you to be an upright doctor. You need confidence, medical knowledge, and skills. You could have the medical info but you can’t apply on life case if you don’t have a natural talent.

    Finally, you need to choose a balanced lifestyle as medical student study very well and enjoy your life in a parallel way.


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