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Meet Sermo - The Go-To Platform For Physicians, By Physicians.

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    During these difficult times, thousands of international physicians are coming together every day to connect with one another on Sermo – a secure online platform for physicians, by physicians.

    As a Sermo member, you will have free, on-demand access to a supportive physician community which enables virtual peer-to-peer conversations on medical topics like, COVID-19, physician burnout and practice management as well as these great benefits:

    · Earning honoraria by taking medical surveys.

    · Seeking second opinions on tough patient cases.

    · Earning free CME credits through our partnerships with various associations.

    · Exploring peer drug reviews from our database of 830K+ ratings and share your own.

    Join Sermo Now Here

    “Sermo is an open forum of expression of and for physicians alike, where doctors can express their opinions, provide feedback, relate to one another personally and professionally, freely and in an open mind basis. I don’t see or find other HCP platforms providing such outlet.”

    - Sermo Member, Pediatrics Physician


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