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Methods of prevention of erectile dysfunction

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by writermariaa, Aug 16, 2019.

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    Some natural methods and correct habits help to prevent erectile dysfunction, as this problem affects the intimate relationship between the couple, and the chances of developing it with age

    erectile dysfunction is the inability to achieve or maintain an erection when it occurs.​

    erectile dysfunction affects the sexual relationship between spouses, which can worsen with age.

    Factors that cause erectile dysfunction, some factors that lead to erectile dysfunction include:
    Smoking: Smoking affects the health of men in general, and sexual ability in particular, as it weakens the ability to erectile dysfunction.
    Malnutrition: It is related to sexual health, as healthy foods play a big role in promoting erection.
    Stress and anxiety: Stress and nervousness can lead to erectile dysfunction and impaired sexual ability.
    Some diseases affect erections, such as poor blood circulation, which impede the flow of blood to the penis, as well as cardiovascular diseases, as well as diseases related to the testis and penis.

    Methods of prevention of erectile dysfunction.


    To avoid this problem, it is recommended that men take some precautionary measures, including:

    1. Maintain healthy circulation

    Impaired penile health and erectile dysfunction are the main factors that affect the health of the penis and erectile dysfunction.
    Poor circulation also causes cardiovascular disease, another cause of erectile dysfunction.

    2. Stop smoking

    Smoking is associated with cardiovascular disease, which can lead to ED.
    Therefore, the decision to quit this bad habit is harmful.

    3. Healthy diet

    To help maintain erectile function, you should choose whole-grain foods, low-fat dairy foods, fruits, vegetables and lean meats.
    Foods that help control blood pressure and diabetes should be eaten because they affect sexual health.

    4. Maintain healthy weight

    Maintaining a healthy weight can help reduce your chances of developing diabetes and help regulate blood pressure levels. These health problems cause sexual health problems.
    Obesity also severely limits sexual ability.

    5. Attention to fitness

    Physical activity helps increase blood flow to various organs of the body, including the penis.
    It is recommended to practice some daily sports such as walking and yoga, which helps to relieve stress and feel relaxed.
    Some fun sports activities can ensure sexual health, such as cycling and swimming.

    6. Avoid medications without a doctor's prescription

    Some medications can cause adverse effects on sexual ability and erection.
    Therefore, you should not take any medications without consulting your doctor, and if your doctor prescribes a medication, the dose should be adhered to.

    7. Avoid stressors

    Stress has a major role in erectile dysfunction and erectile dysfunction, so stay away from things that cause stress and stress at home or at work.
    It is advisable to organize time and divide it between different tasks throughout the day, so that there is time to rest and enjoy the married life.

    8. Get enough sleep

    It is essential for maintaining sexual health and preventing erectile dysfunction.
    Failure to sleep well will affect a man's ability during intimate practice and cause different sexual problems.
    It is advised to avoid early sleep and sleep and wake up early, in order to maintain public health and sexual health.

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