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Mindray’s New High End Point of Care Ultrasound

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    Mindray is releasing a new point-of-care ultrasound system, the TE7 ACE. The device, intended for a variety of applications including emergency, critical care, and anesthesia, features a large color touchscreen, fluid management features, needle guidance toolkit, and electronic medical records connectivity.

    The company claims that the fluid measurement algorithms within this ultrasound are based on deep learning methods and are clinically proven to provide accurate results. Other algorithms can measure the changing diameter of the inferior vena cava (IVC), its Collapsibility Index or Distensibility Index and IVC Variation. The system also calculates the Velocity Time Integral, Cardiac Output and Stroke Volume Variation, and the trending graphs help to keep track of the relevant numbers over time.

    Some of the other features of the system, according to Mindray:
    Smart B-line: automatically calculates B-lines number, percentage, and distance. It provides unique visual scoring map for intuitive overall lung water evaluation, guiding the fluid infusion and preventing pulmonary edema.

    To ensure safe, simple, and convenient needle guidance, the newly launched L12-3VNs with 3 programmable buttons combines eSpacial NaviTM and remote control into one so that clinicians can perform puncture without touching the system.

    The connectivity solution eGateway also enables TE7 ACE to seamlessly fit into the existing hospital network, incorporating patient’s clinical data collected from both ultrasound equipment and patient monitors for wiser clinical decision making.


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