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MRCP Experience: Doing MRCP After USMLE

Discussion in 'PLAB' started by Egyptian Doctor, Jun 7, 2021.

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    Good Day

    I wanna share my experience in different way I took USMLE step 1 and step 2 so I have basic knowledge for mrcp I studied with my full-time resident job before I subscribed to passmedicine I read pastest offline version but only the 200 pages in every pdf

    In August I started online passmedicine system wise I finished it in late October.

    After that I revised passmedicine text book system wise and I started solving the questions marked wrong in every system.

    In December I revised from passmedicine keypoints for every system and started solving past papers.

    1. I think pastest is more similar to the exam especially past papers
    2. Don't solve past papers in the last month cause you should revise wrong ques and info in it
    3.i scored in past papers 70 to 80%
    4. In sample questions I did it couple of days before the exam I scored 143/200
    5. Most important thing I figured out the passmedicine first pass "which for me was only once" i scored 77.7 and I think it is very approx to my real score 700
    6. The exam is tough more than USMLE not the studying part but the actual exam atmosphere and questions
    7. Don't follow my exp if you don't have basic knowledge you should study from text books
    8.the real. Months of study for me were 2.5 late months before exam the previous months my. Study hours were 4 to 5 hours only

    Best of luck [​IMG] [​IMG]
    By: Jehan Mousa on Facebook

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