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MRCP Part 2 During Housejob - Real Experience

Discussion in 'PLAB' started by Egyptian Doctor, Jun 7, 2021.

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    I took mrcp part 1 may 2018 during my housejob and part 2 in March 2019

    It was one of the toughest exam of my test your knowledge to very depth u can't skip this if u don't have concept and management plans and common sense beauty of this exam is that it make u very good doctor...after all it's consultancy exam !
    Sources I followed:

    - Passmedicine
    - Pastest
    - Few chap from onexam to strengthen my knowledge...
    - Passtest past papers (these are key read it by heart ) they have abt more than 2000 qs that will trend u effectively few similar also appear and some are slightly tilted ....but concept is same
    For radiology ur qbanks and Google is enough every single radio pic from Google ...don't be shock they mostly give some fimilar and common pics but bit confusing
    - Derma: pics are very high yeild use nz derma web
    - ECG: do Hampton 150 cases plus lifelane website again they give familiar ecgs except few( which are out of unverise lol) ...
    Rhumtology pics are often wired thou ...
    - Sample paper: must since many concept are applied in real exam from same 150 qs sample paper will decide ur final score that's forsure
    Most important thing above all is ur approach to towards others guide all ur collages and pray 5 times a day (real success)
    Remember success come to those who work hard for it ...there is no short cut to success sit on chair stop ur breath for while ,life after ur success is beautiful and loving...
    Thank u good luck to everyone your questions are welcomed

    By Faraz Ahmed on Facebook

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