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MRCP UK and MRCP Ireland Experience

Discussion in 'UKMLA (PLAB)' started by Egyptian Doctor, Jun 7, 2021.

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    Hello everyone !

    I just cleared MRCP UK Part 1 with 713 marks and MRCP IRELAND with 63%. I am going to share my experience so that aspiring fellows in upcoming exam may have some help.

    I my view it's utmost important to have idea about exam pattern before sitting for any examination. In this regard two things are important

    1) For both UK nad Ireland MRCP it's important to have basic knowledge about each system in smart way.

    2) Most importantly one should do past papers from 2015 onwards till most recent one ; plus sample papers from RCP site. These two things are utmost reuirements before sitting for examination.

    They will give you people about a glimpse of pattern of qs what RCP actually asks in exam proper.
    Please don't save it to do in last 15 days as that will be disaster ! Exam pattern is changing and you have to understand that.

    Now come on to main preparation. I am discussing it in sequential manner .

    1) As I already told you that these exams require most basic knowledge about every system. So I have prepared myself in such a way that no question pattern can put me in trouble .
    I choose Notes and Notes by Hammad to strengthen by basic knowledge.
    Pros : This book contains almost everything .Once you have completed it you are actually prepared for part 2 as well. In current scenario when lots of diagnosis and treatment based questions are coming so frequently even in Part 1 this book has immense factor to play in this regard.
    Cons : super huge book. Very difficult to revise.

    2) So for those people who are unable to study theory from any book I am suggesting to go through all theory of Passmedicine from its online version form along with questions.
    Don't use PDF version only as online form of Passmedicine contains more new question and they used to keep updating their theory according to current UK guidelines.
    Don't enter exam hall without doing it atleast thrice!! Not only qs and answer but also theory plus exclusion of all other options by rationalization ! That is what will actually be useful in exam proper.

    3) Pastest has the resemblance with exam like qs .
    So it is also important in some way definitely ! Atleast once; to have a knowledge about what kind of questions one likely to experience in exam proper.

    4) Last but not the least , try to find a dedicated study partner or dediacted group with whom you must do joint study as it will help you to retain more.
    I have utmost pleasure to have a super dediacted study partner with whom I studied theory and questions a lot! Thank you Rekha Ashoke for being my study partner. Guess what , we got almost same marks !!
    Last and most important

    Revision ..
    revision and revision
    As many times as you are able to do !!
    Best wishes for upcoming exams !!
    By: Kalyan Nath

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