My husband's sister seems to be in love with me.

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    It's strange for me to write about this, but I have no one to discuss it with. I feel like my husband's sister likes me. She constantly compliments me, looks after me. Recently, when she stayed with us for the night after a family holiday, she tried to kiss me. This is so strange that for a long time I couldn't tell my husband about it. Unfortunately, I never had time to say, she told him everything herself, only from her point of view. Unimaginably, she said that it was I who pester her, that I like her, and that I allegedly told her that I wanted to leave my husband for her. This is sheer nonsense! But my husband believes her, not me! It is so painful. All he said back to me is that he is filing for divorce in Arkansas. I'm broken, and his sister keeps calling me and trying to support me. I hate her now, but she says she is willing to wait until my attitude towards her changes.

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