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Mysterious dysphonia

Discussion in 'Otolaryngology' started by Blue003, Sep 27, 2019.

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    Sep 27, 2019
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    I am a man who will soon be 24 years old, and who suffers from a severe dysphonia, it all began 10 years ago, at the beginning I was suffering from a flu and I was cured (there is no more normal then this) but except my voice and it lasted for a long time, we thought it was going to go alone but still nothing so we thought it was a voice change, but the problem is that the voice change in general doesn’t take a long time to pass, 10 years like, so they started mocking me (my voice) and people were telling me "Hey, what's wrong with your voice" and "Why don’t we get to hear you properly?" and above all, "Do something it can not continue like this! ". I’m unable to speak in a noisy environment because my voice is perfectly inaudible to the point of speaking in people's ears so they can hear me and even… however they can hear me more or less well in a calm place and to simply speak I make unremarkable efforts to the point of having a sore throat.

    So I started to sing (alone), I must say that it makes its effect and yes my voice improves when I exercise it by singing every day, the more I sing the more it becomes clear, let's say I can recover up to 70% of my voice however it’s enough to have simply a flu for example and all my progress evaporate and return to the beginning point without mentioning that it hurts my heart and sometimes without going through any flu my voice relapse alone.

    Therefore, I started to really love singing, especially when I sing opera and specifically soprano, so a passion is developed, I want to continue doing it without worrying that my voice will let me down when it wants, I have enough, I want to have control over my voice not the opposite!

    Whatever, I went to see three ENT’s and each of them gave me a different opinion, however one thing in common was said is to go see a speech therapist, the problem is that I think that a speech therapist may be useless for my case because I exercised my voice so many times in singing and it relapsed again and again so whatever can a speech therapist do with his a, o, i...

    For more details, here is a stroboscopy that shows the catastrophic movement of my vocal cords:

    I hope there will be a way for me to recover 100% of my voice and be able to sing soprano.

    Thank you in advance.

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