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"Never Give Up" You're The Future Doctor

Discussion in 'Medical Students Cafe' started by Doaa samir, Sep 5, 2019.

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    I heard what Bob Arnold said 21 years ago, the best ten letters in any speech, anywhere. You should always say to yourself that you too have a responsibility and you should never give up. Let me tell you that no one is special. ! " Because on every attempt there is an opportunity to advance every attempt.

    "You are the doctor of the future" This is not worthy of a sentence, perhaps no one feels the suffering now, and no one knows how much stress and trouble you are going through, all this is borne by you alone. Not now, but in the future when you will be responsible for saving the lives of many, think that when you become a doctor you will forget those troubles you have experienced in exchange for seeing the smile of a patient you ambulance or treated.

    You can “direct your energy in a different way” channel your entire surrendered energy into inspirational energy for others through your talent.When you develop your talent more than anyone else at the time, you will inspire them with that talent.Giving up requires a lot of energy.It's better to use that energy well.

    "Set realistic goals" One must set realistic goals for himself so as not to be shocked if not achieved, and strive to achieve them with all possible power and capacity, and not underestimate the value of what he does in order to achieve these goals. Life is more beautiful than you think, so one should change his view and interpretation of life, not continue to look at it in a dark way, and convince himself that every problem has a solution, and that there is no room to return in time to change what happened, but to start again, and to look at life Optimism is what helps a person to continue, and helps him develop himself. This is just a step in your long way to take the title "Doctor"

    "Doctor is relationships" You should remember that when someone is exposed to a situation they need to improve their relationships with others, get the support of their friends and family, which motivates them to stay by their side, and help them. Helps to restore hope, forget about worries, giving the person a sense of complacency, and pushes the person to start over. This aspect is very important in your life as a doctor in the future, building good relationships with others is one of the most important ways of success.

    You always stick to your dream and never give up, you are not a failure and do not allow this to hesitate inside you, never stand your place try again and again and success will be your ally at one time for sure, so overcome that negative energy and go out to society with a smiley and happy heart that you are a doctor tomorrow"

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