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Newborn Died as Doctors Fought in Operation Theatre

Discussion in 'Doctors Cafe' started by Hadeel Abdelkariem, Apr 4, 2019.

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    New Delhi: In a bizarre video that had gone viral, a group of doctors at a hospital in Rajasthan can be seen arguing over who should operate over a pregnant woman.


    Reports said the woman was lying sedated on the operation table for an emergency C-section while the heartbeat of her foetus kept dipping.

    The video showed the doctors shouting at each other, arguing loudly, calling names and even threatening each other.

    One staff member at Umaid Hospital in Jodhpur surreptitiously recorded them on his mobile phone on Monday.

    In the video, one of the doctors can be heard saying, “stay within your limits.”

    “You will pay for this,” the other replies.

    Another doctor and a nurse are seen trying to stop them, reminding them that a surgery was underway.

    The accused doctors had been identified and suspended.

    Rajasthan state Health Minister Kali Charan Saraf had also set up an inquiry committee to investigate the incident.

    “The video showed Assistant Professor of Obstetrics and Gynaecology Dr Ashok Nanival arguing with Professor of Anaesthesia Dr Mathura Lal Tak using filthy language. We have taken the matter very seriously. We have set up an inquiry committee. Those found guilty will be taken into account,” Saraf said.

    Controller of Umaid Hospital Dr Amilal Bhat informed Gulf News that the two doctors were immediately removed after the incident was reported to him.

    “This is highly condemnable. I have recommended disciplinary action against the two doctors to the state government. Besides, I have also formed an inquiry committee for further probe,” Dr Bhat said.

    The probe panel, comprising Head of Anaesthesia Professor UD Sharma and Paediatrician Dr Rakesh Jora as members, is headed by Medical Officer Dr Ranjana Desai.

    “We have already recorded statements of all the staff present in the operation theatre. As far as the patient is concerned, there was no lapse in treatment. The patient was operated within three hours of being admitted,” Dr Desai told media.

    She said the baby died of severe birth asphyxia or breathing troubles.

    “What has happened is a violation of Operation Theatre rules. Dr Nanival was appointed an assistant professor on temporary basis. The Medical Education Department has the power to terminate such appointments. For Dr Tak, who is a senior professor, the action will be decided soon by the hospital board,” Dr Bhat added.

    One of the suspended doctors, Dr Tak, told media, “The other doctor was arguing with me while I was trying to administer anaesthesia on the child. I was trying to save its life. I have raised the issue with the Controller.”

    Meanwhile, Rajasthan High Court (HC) had taken cognisance of the incident. Asking the state government to conduct a probe by a panel that includes a judicial officer, the HC has sought a report within a weeks’ time.

    Indian Medical Association President Dr K.K. Agarwal also condemned the incident and said the association would wait for the inquiry report before taking any further action against the doctors.


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