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NHS Suspends A Doctor For Working 24 Hours Without Breaks

Discussion in 'UKMLA (PLAB)' started by Egyptian Doctor, Jul 13, 2019.

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    Dr Bevan Hyder was suspended by NHS after working 24 hours continuously without breaks, Dr Hyder did it for 5 times and this is why NHS considered his practice risky for the patients.

    When found out, he boasted he did not get tired working for an unauthorised 24 hours and he needed the extra money to extend his £700,000 home.

    The enlarged building in Eltham, South London, is no longer his family home and has been turned into a care home for nine disabled adults.

    Dr Hyder, 47, who trained in Grenada and came to the UK in 2004, was this week suspended for four months after a watchdog found him guilty of misconduct.

    The General Medical Council said he had walked out of Crawley Hospital, West Sussex, up to 1hr 42 minutes early five times in four months. The father of four went to three other hospitals to start second shifts.

    “Even though there was no evidence of actual harm being caused to patients by Dr Hyder’s actions, they presented an unwarranted risk to the safety of patients,” said the council.

    Dr Hyder said: “I was in the process of extending our house.”

    But a Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service panel said he earlier “forcefully and repeatedly” stated that he did it to help more patients, not for money.

    He said his “strict fitness regime” stopped him suffering fatigue and said he only left the hospital early in “quiet” periods.



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