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No drilling caries removal

Discussion in 'Dental Medicine' started by Sarah Hussien, Nov 30, 2019.

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    No drilling caries removal

    Have you ever imagined that caries could be removed and tooth could be repaired without filling or drilling??!

    This has become possible now with minimal invasive dentistry. Because the most common fear between the majority of patients is from drilling their teeth with handpiece and drilling may remove from intact tooth structure , the following techniques may be the treatment of choice for some cases, as long as they have periodic check up regularly.

    A treatment option depends on natural tooth forming proteins to rebuild and repair enamel at the beginning of caries formation.

    Amelogenin derived peptide is the active component which is responsible for tooth repair.

    Products which contain such component may be in the form of toothpaste or gel to be used in the daily dental care routine by the patient, but lesion should be at the very beginning.

    Another treatment option called resin infiltration depends on applying gel in the early lesion to make surface porous and rough making it ready to benefit from resin material.

    But this technique should be done by a professional dentist not by patient and it may be repeated according to the condition.

    Laser also could be used for caries removal instead of drilling. But studies and research approved that laser caries removal technique isn't as efficient as drilling.

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