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Oblong Face Shapes

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Reham Zenhom, Nov 9, 2019.


are you able to tell if you have an oblong face?

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  1. Reham Zenhom

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    Sep 8, 2019
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    There are 6 basic, common face shapes:
    Oval, Oblong, Square, Round, Heart and Diamond, and there are some weird, eccentric ones.

    Is Oblong face considered an attractive face shape?

    It is known as the royal and the luxurious face shape with the most sophisticated bone structure.Oblong also known as long face, and it is somewhere between oval and square face shapes.

    oblong faces are viewed as some of the most attractive. This is because the width of the face allows the eyes to be more prominent and puts extra focus on the smile.

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    In general you have to love your face shape no matter what was it and play it up with your hair and makeup and rock your style.

    How will you know that you have an oblong face shape?

    - Long and narrow bone structure known as long face.

    - Looks more like the rectangle shape but with softer jawlines and chin

    - It is confused with the oval face due to the rounded shape of the jaw, but they are longer, the face lines are vertical and aren’t wide as the oval shape.

    - Forehead, cheeks and jawline are about the same width.

    -The face length is larger than its width with approximately 60%.

    - Long forehead and broad cheekbone with long straight cheek line.

    What celebrities have an oblong face shape?

    Female Celebrities with oblong face shape:

    • Kim Kardashian - Meryl Streep.

    • Courtney Cox -Carrie Underwood

    • Angelina Jolie - Liv Tyler.

    • Victoria Beckham - Sara Jessica Parker.

    • Mila Jovovich -Lisa Kudrow.

    • Gwyneth Paltrow -Cate Blanchett.
    Male celebrities with oblong shaped face:
    • Ben affleck -Adam Sandler.

    • Kiefer Sutherland - Eminem.

    • Marilyn Manson - Hugh Laurie.

    • Robert Downey, Jr. - Jerry Seinfeld.

    • David Schwimmer.
    What hairstyles is best for oblong faces?

    Best hairstyles for female oblong faces:

    The idea is to create a shorter and broader face while playing with the length;
    • Swept bangs give balance to the facial proportion.

    • Shoulder length hairstyle is the best to flatter the face length.

    • Long, wavy and layered hair is the best for the royal faces.

    • Don’t pull your hair up, or add volume at the top, it will add more length, just pull it back instead.

    • Avoid Short, little hair as it will make the face look longer.
    Best hairstyles for male oblong faces:
    • Clean shaved head.

    • Side part hairstyle.

    • Bangs that fall across the head.

    • Comb over.

    • Swept back hairstyle.

    • undercut.
    Best makeup for oblong face:
    • Avoid the use of too many colors and keep it simple using nude or neutral colors, to accentuate the luxurious angles of the face.

    • Make the eye is the point of focus of the oblong face, add dramatic, dark lashes to the neutral eye shadow.

    • Creamy blush to let the glowing cheek is the focus center.

    What frame Shape is best for oblong faces?
    • Thicker frame with depth that are wider than the face are the best to complement the cheekbones and create a broader face shape.

    • Low bridge glasses as well will look good on oblong faces.

    • Wayfarer frames.

    • Square frames and pilot style.

    • Round frames.

    • Avoid rectangular narrow frames that will make the face appear even longer.

    Best earrings for long faces:

    Dangle and rounded earrings that add more roundness and curves to the face and avoid long and slim earrings, as they will only make the face look longer.

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  2. Rico L

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    So simple, yet so many important details. Now I know which hairstyle goes well with this face shape and will be able to recommend it to one of my friends. :)

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