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Oxford’s COVID-19 Vaccine Shows ‘Very Good Results’ In Trials, On Track For October Release

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Mahmoud Abudeif, Jun 27, 2020.

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    A potential coronavirus vaccine being developed by researchers at the University of Oxford is on track for release in October, a leading scientist has said. Project leader professor Adrian Hill, the director of the Jenner Institute at the University of Oxford, said the experimental COVID-19 vaccine has shown very good results in animals (chimpanzees) and has already moved to the next phase of human trials.


    The Oxford’s vaccine, called ChAdOx1 nCoV-19, developed together with pharmaceuticals group AstraZeneca, is already being tested in volunteers in Brazil. The Oxford’s jab is one of the most promising of the dozens being tested in humans and is the first to enter the final stages of clinical trials to assess how well it works in protecting people from becoming infected with the SARS-CoV-2 virus which causes COVID-19.

    A resident from Soweto has become the first South African to be injected with the Oxford's vaccine as researchers race to hunt for a cure for the dreaded disease. Mhlongo (24), is one of about 2,000 South Africans who will take part in the trial. According to Oxford, more than 4,000 participants are enrolled in the clinical trial in Britain, with another 10,000 due to be recruited.

    Professor Hill recently told attendees of a webinar of the Spanish Society of Rheumatology that the ‘best scenario’ would see clinical trials produce results by August or September and the vaccine on the market by October, reported

    “This vaccine has shown very good results in trials with chimpanzees, and has already moved on to the next phase of human trials. One of its advantages at the beginning was to demonstrate in previous tests that similar inoculations, including one last year against a previous coronavirus, were harmless to humans,” he said.

    Earlier in May, Business Secretary Alok Sharma had said that Britain would be the first nation to get a COVID-19 vaccine, should the trials prove successful.

    AstraZeneca is preparing to quickly bash out 30 million doses of the jab. On Tuesday, Brazil’s acting health minister, Eduardo Pazuello, said that the country was close to signing a deal to be able to produce Oxford’s vaccine domestically.

    Meanwhile, the World Health Organisation (WHO) warned that many countries which have had success in suppressing the virus transmission are experiencing a resurgence in cases. The novel coronavirus has now killed at least 478,818 people globally.


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