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Pain Disorders

Discussion in 'Psychiatry' started by Egyptian Doctor, May 24, 2011.

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    A Somatoform disorder, is a mental disorder characterized by physical symptoms that suggest physical illness or injury - symptoms that cannot be explained fully by a general medical condition, direct effect of a substance, or attributable to another mental disorder.
    Recognized somatoform disorders include conversion disorder, somatization disorder, hypochondriosis, body dysmorphic disorder and pain disorder.
    Pain disorder is when a patient experiences chronic pain in one or more areas, and is thought to be caused by psychological stress. The pain is often so severe that it disables the patient from proper functioning. It can last as short as a few days, to as long as many years. The disorder may begin at any age, and more women than men seem to experience it. This disorder often occurs after an accident or during an illness that has caused genuine pain, which then takes a 'life' of its own.

    1. Frequency
    Many people suffer from pain disorder all over the world with increased frequency in some countries as Japan and Sweden where many cases of this disorder has been noted in parallel with other psychological symptoms and suicide rates.
    2. Mortality and morbidity
    Psychological stress may result in numerous physical effects, including the following:

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