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Passive Income Ideas For Physicians

Discussion in 'Doctors Cafe' started by Stefano Pizzo, Sep 17, 2019.

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    It is known that physicians are submitted to high financial and legal pressures, and that nowadays, no job is secure. For these reasons, a consistent and additional income would be great news for many physicians out there.​

    The term passive income refers to the one that a person receives daily and that requires little to non-effort to maintain it. Sounds good, right? Here is a list of a few passive income ideas for physicians.

    1. Own a property and rent it.

    Unless you inherit it, not all people can do this due to the initial capital needed to buy the property. But the whole principle is easy: find a property, buy it, find a tenant, and cash in. Is very simple.

    2. Create a blog.

    A well-created, written, and published article can get the attention of many people. Imagine if you create more than one article. There you go! You have a blog. At first, it might be difficult to see a good quantity of income, but if you are constant and persistent, you will see earnings that will put a smile upon your face.

    3. Create an app.

    Did you have an idea to solve a problem or to make day-to-day life easier? Taking that idea and bringing it to reality is very possible these days. If you have some knowledge of programming, you can try to do it yourself.

    4. Open a YouTube channel.

    It is based on the same idea of the blog. YouTube has turned into one of the most visited social networks. Many physicians create their YouTube channels to make their knowledge more reachable for more people. They can be educators, entertainers, and even musicians. That is right! If you have a hobby and you dominate it very well, you can show it to the world using this awesome social network.

    5. Write and publish a book.

    Do you want to preserve and pass your knowledge to future generations? Is your hobby to write stories or comics? Do you have a few poems that want to publish? Now is the time! Put together whatever you want to show to the world and publish it. These days you can use websites like Amazon or eBay to publish e-book versions of your writing in very few steps. Do you also want to sell it physically? That is also possible.


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