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Pharmacy Ethics 101: Tips For Fresh Graduate Pharmacists

Discussion in 'Pharmacy' started by Mirna fouad, Aug 18, 2019.

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    During our first years of work you may face a lot of problems where you only got the academic knowledge of the drugs and their active constituents many plants and their uses, you got to know more about formulas and how to make one but many of pharmacist lack the work experience , how to deal with others in our path and the knowledge of the ethics and traditions of the pharmacy profession.

    Ethics and morals relate to right and wrong conduct

    Ethics refer to rules provided by an external spruce as codes of conduct in workplaces or principles in religions

    Morals refer to an individual's own principles regrading right and wrong.

    We generally think that law enforcement makes society works however without ethics law enforcement alone would not be able to control the magnitude of wrong doing as under normal conditions compliance is mainly voluntarily so we care about what the society might think of us. Law enforcement takes care of the few who do not care about the social norms .

    There is a grey area between ethical and legal however when people's lives and well being are on the line grey areas are not acceptable for such reasons ethics in pharmaceutical practice are in most cases regulated by law.

    So If you are a fresh graduate from faculty of pharmacy and you are not willing to shift your career here is some point you should or shouldn't do in your relationship with other pharmacist and pharmaceutical establishments :

    A pharmacist should:

    1. Respect working hours of the pharmaceutical establishments where he works regarding the agreed on terms of weakly and annual leaves also the night services also leave a one month at least notify if the pharmacist is willing to leave his/her job inorder for the pharmaceutical establishment to find another pharmacist that could fit in his previous position

    2. Maintain professional competence where a pharmacist has a duty maintain knowledge and abilities as new medications, technology and devices

    A pharmacist should not :

    1. Compete illegally with their colleagues either directly or indirectly

    2. Use undignified or illegal methods of advertisement to bring clients or deviate from regulations

    3. Use the pharmaceutical establishments where they work in other purposes or activities than those to which it is licensed

    Now for the relation between pharmacists and patients :

    1. The pharmacist should work in a dignified way, specialy infront of people and specially his clients. He must treat them properly

    2. A pharmacist should respect personal and cultural differences among patients.

    3. A pharmacist seeks justice in the distribution of health resources balancing the needs of society and patients.

    Finally keep calm study hard and become a pharmacist


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