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Poor oral care increases risk of heart disease

Discussion in 'Cardiology' started by Dr.Night, Jan 4, 2012.

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    Oral care
    involves looking after teeth, gums and mouth and it is very important for your general health. A leading oral specialist, Professor Robin Seymour, of Newcastle University Dental School, UK, has just carried out an analysis of the link between poor oral care and coronary heart disease. In a review of 15 separate studies, he found that those with unhealthy gums arising from neglect of oral care are more likely to have heart disease. One reason may be that inflamed gums are linked to higher levels of C-reactive protein, a possible biomarker of heart disease, in the body. Dental cleaning can actually reduce levels of C-reactive protein and also improve the health of blood vessels.

    Professor Seymour believes people are largely unaware that oral care can be a factor in heart health. Around half of British adults have plaque-related gum disease, characterized by swollen, inflamed and red gums which may bleed when brushed. Gingivitis ”“ gum inflammation ”“ may progress to periodontal disease, where the bone anchoring the teeth becomes damaged and the gum tissue recedes. Brushing alone may not be enough to keep gum disease at bay. Using an alcohol-free mouthwash will reduce plaque by up to more than 50% more than just brushing and flossing. The latter is important to get rid of plaque that brushing does not reach. Look for a mouthwash containing bicarbonate of soda because it can neutralize plaque acids in your mouth as well as giving a good deep-clean action. Avoid alcohol in a mouthwash because it can dry and irritate the delicate tissue of the mouth. So get to work with a good toothbrush, floss and that all-important mouthwash to keep your gums clean and healthy, and also protect your heart.

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    Poor oral care increases risk of heart disease | HealthandAge – Medical Articles and News for Health in Aging > Live Well, Live Longer

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