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Reduce Waiting Time At OPD

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Dr aisha, Oct 1, 2019.

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    Waiting long at the doctor's office especially when you are sick frustrates us a lot, No one likes this. And whenever we call to make an appointment we always ask the receptionist what's the best time to come. To your surprise, there is no such time which can be fixed to see the doctor.

    But here are some tips which you can try and it might help you to some extent

    -Take the first appointment in the morning when possible

    -Avoid Mondays and Fridays as these are the most crowded and busy days in almost every hospital

    -Book an appointment in advance if you are a regular follow up patient, for eg, post-cardiac surgery, pregnant etc

    -You can also book an appointment soon after the lunchtime

    -Ask the receptionist the form beforehand to fill up because it takes a hell lot of time to fill up the registration form or ask if you can fill any form online which will save your time

    -Get the doctors email or contact details to check for simple doubts which he or she could answer with a yes or no And please for gods sake do ask take this granted and keep troubling the doctor with unnecessary calls or messages for example (a patient calls or messages to ask if you could have a knee replacement? ) that needs a face to face contact with the doctor! PLEASE DO NOT DO THIS.

    -Ask the receptionist if they have a better comfortable place where you can find a stock of good magazines and newspapers so that you can relax, have a cup of coffee or your favourite snack and see how the time slips and to your surprise your file number is called to see the doctor.

    Astonishing that you spend almost half of the day at the hospital to see a doctor in India due to high population rate And in the united states it's said, the average time to see a doctor is 22 minutes but mostly it ends up quite a long long time.
    please do not get frustrated, instead, ask the secretary of the doctor to keep you updated in case of doctors arriving late at the clinic so that you take the advantage of the time and have food and relax.
    remember, As the day is tiring and frustrating for you it may be the same for the doctor as well. they are also humans. Always think being in other people's shoes. never judge anyone. You will definitely have a better outcome

    Live happy
    Be healthy
    Think better!

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