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Resources For MRCP Part 1 Exam

Discussion in 'PLAB' started by Egyptian Doctor, Jun 7, 2021.

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    My MRCP-1 experience and resources:

    Anyone intending to appear should first overcome their fear of exam ,then start preparing.

    Experience: Most who appeared will agree with me that the September diet was nerve wrecking and difficult .

    I studied with :

    1-Pass medicine MCQS bank hard copy and Khalid Maghrebi notes ,
    Both thoroughly revised thrice.

    2-YouTube surfing for difficult topics like biostatistics.

    3- MRCP website sample 200 questions, done twice.

    4- I would highly recommend subscribing an online question bank like pastest. It will strengthen your preparation.

    5- your basic preparation should be completed 1.5 months before exam. that includes mcqs and Maghrebi notes .my basic prep took 4 months.

    6- in the 1.5 months before exam ,review and revise all systems again .

    Best of luck
    By Dr.sadia Jahangir

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