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Shifting Career For Doctors: Why, When and How?

Discussion in 'Doctors Cafe' started by Hala Ali, Sep 23, 2019.

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    Becoming a doctor is considered as one of the most difficult career paths. As it depend upon extensive, high cost education and years and years of training before you can get on your feet. Maybe it has lots of personal benefits that comes along with the title such as helping others, saving lives, nobility and high self esteem few professions rank as high.

    However, stress, anxiety and guilt come with the same package too.

    There are too many different factors motivating doctors to quit medicine so they can keep up living with sanity.

    1. Personal life damage: we all know what it takes to build a perfect career, sometimes you have to sacrifice having a stable relationship, raising kids just because you don’t have enough time for all of this together but your life changes as everyone else, you might get twins, lose someone close to your heart, then you have to choose to have less stressful profession in order to achieve some balance.

    2. Failed expectations: many students experience feelings of incompetence from the very early years of med school, the reason why this very common is mainly the very high expectation we begin with. Media, social concepts and the profession itself create a very unrealistic image about the healer. Doctors frequently feel disappointed as the cure rate is very low for some diseases.

    3. Initial wrong career choice: decision making is not easy, especially when it comes to huge step like “what do you want to do for the rest of your life?”

    We might choose medicine for the wrong reasons many people take this path to gain self confidence social acceptance whereas we are passionate about another field whether we figure it out or not, it is never too late.

    4. Legal and moral responsibility: making mistakes is normal as it is a human nature but in medicine one simple mistake can cost too much, either it was a human life or a charge of medical negligence. Not everyone can deal with this kind of risks.

    5. Violent attacks: recently many surveys confirm that medical profession gets the highest rates of physical and verbal abuse which makes the working conditions much more badly.

    When you can tell it’s time for shifting career?

    There are some serious signs that make you go through it:

    · If you are always late and stressed, you never get the chance to accomplish what you want how hard you tried.

    · If you don’t have a clear answer for why you are doing your job.

    · Even if you like what you do but you find the atmosphere around you very stressful or you simply hate it.

    · If getting out of bed to go to work becomes a challenge.

    Before making any decision, take your time, free yourself from guilt, and remember that the door is always open.

    So how you can do it?

    Career support is the key, you can have consultation about which field you might be interested in.

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