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Shikakai: Amazing BenEfits For Skin And Hair And Other Health Related Benefits

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Lets Enjoy Medicine, Jun 17, 2021.

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    Biological name of shikakai is acacia concinna and in Indian subcontinents it has been used for hair care since ancient times. One of the Ayurveda plant is shikakai and is known to almost all the world because of its benefits. In India it is famous as a fruit by the name of shikakai. In the warm plains of south and central India this plant is famous and it grows in shape of shrub. In this article I am going to tell about the amazing benefits for skin and hair and other health related benefits from shikakai. In ancient times traditional shampoo was known by the name of shikakai. Vitamin K, vitamin C, vitamin A, and vitamin D are present in shikakai which are the ultimate source regarding nutrients. Alkaloids are the main content of shikakai tree as a fruit. In taste it is very bitter and other than alkaloids it contains the constituents such as ascorbic, oxalic, tartaric and citric and these elements depict the nutrient value of shikakai. Amazing benefits for skin and hair and other benefits from shikakaiare as follows:
    Properties of shikakai
    • Shikakai is a dry substance and this property of shikakai is very beneficial as mixing it with some moisturizing agent and then using it as a conditioner is very much good for hair
    • Shikakai is an excellent analgesic
    • Shikakai is a highly effective astringent

    Amazing benefits of shikakai related to skin
    1. Those people who are victim of skin problems and infections shikakai is an excellent remedy for them. For this they have to follow a methodology which is to cook rice with excess of water and when steam start coming, separate water from rice and leave it to become cool and when it became temperate mix shikakai in it and then use that water for body wash. This will show excellent results after some washes.
    2. If someone has problem of dry skin then using shikakai can make their skin smooth. Moreover shikakai is an excellent fighter for a skin disease known by name of scabies.
    3. Shikakai acts as an excellent fighter against skin disease scabies when turmeric is mixed with shikakai and by applying this paste on skin, shikakai act as a best healing material.
    4. Cuts which occur on body parts or scars to heal those wounds shikakaiare best. As it act as an antiseptic and is best for curing wounds.


    1. Shikakai is very much mild in nature and it is best for skin in providing a smoothening feeling to scalp of head
    2. Since the ancient times it is known by name of fruits for hair and is used as a shampoo for washing hairs in traditional way
    3. Shikakai is also used in making hair powders
    4. A substance known by name of reeta is mixed with shikakai to produce lather like the other shampoo produces. Shikakai after mixing of reeta is also known by name of sopoa nuts
    5. To make the hairs grow in more radiant and volume way shikakai is best to use
    6. If you want to make your hair to prevent from getting white and to avoid hair loss, shikakai is best
    7. Mix shikakai with yogurt and you will experience a natural shine and extra growth in your hairs. Moreover to get rid of worms, lice and eggs of lice, shikakai is best to use on scalp of head
    8. For the treatment for baldness, shikakai is best and show rapid results after using
    9. Shikakai oil can also be applied to hairs to make them strong from roots and make them shiny in a natural way
    10. Shikakai has less PH value, that is why it is harmless and can be used without any doubt for hairs
    11. If someone is using shikakai for hair and scalp then they need not to use any conditioner. It is an excellent material for hair in every way
    12. Natural oils are present in our hairs and using shampoos available in market can make us deficient in our natural oils so using shikakai your natural oils are not affected in any way and your hair will get extra growth
    13. To control the dryness of hairs, shikakai is best
    14. Shikakai has anti-fungal properties and its leaves are the best constituent in making a paste for the scalp of hair which is the best thing for controlling dandruff of the hair
    15. To get rid of split ends shikakai is best to use


    Shikakai as a detergent

    Sponion, a powerful constituent is present in this plant fruit’s pods and because of this substance it act as an excellent detergent

    Shikakai as marine toxin

    Shikakai is used to poison the fishes so it is best to be used a marine toxin and is a helpful substance for fisherman

    Health related benefits of shikakai

     For the treatment of plaque shikakai is the best medicate. To treat for tooth degradation, shikakai is best
     Shikakai is also best for the treatment of constipation and it is also good for the ease of excreta and urine out of the body
     For the treatment of various gum diseases shikakai is best to use when mixed with lukewater
     Shikakai can also be used for the treatment of jaundice which is a deadly disease
     For making jams and chutneys shikakai can be used to give a different flavor to food items
     To control high sugar and cholesterol level in body shikakai is best to use
     People suffering from malaria and also the victims of black fever uses shikakai to get rid of these diseases
     Shikakai act as a contraceptive and it controls the unwanted births and diagnosis the births at early stages
     If you want to make less the chances to be a victim of diabetes then shikakai is best to make this chance less to occur

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