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Should Medical Students be Called "Student Doctor"?

Discussion in 'Medical Students Cafe' started by Egyptian Doctor, Oct 20, 2011.

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    There has been a change in recent years in how patients relate to the medical
    profession and vice versa. Along with the rise of consumerism, society has shown
    that it wants to deminish paternalistic behavior by physicians and assure
    informed consent on the part of the patients. Therefore the current ethical
    consensus is that there should be a clear understanding between patient and
    physician regarding all that is transpiring in medical care. This also means
    that any words or behavior on the part of the caregiver which may lead to
    deception is not right and may defeat attempts at informed consent.
    Medical students have long been identified by the words "student doctor" or
    "student physician". Medical students, of course, have neither obtained as yet
    their M.D. degree nor have the legal responsibility of a physician. In keeping
    with the societal consensus described above, there is some concern whether using
    these words by medical students in identifying themselves either orally or on
    their name tag or by others identifying these students may itself be deceptive.
    The issue here is whether patients or families would misinterpret the
    qualifications and responsibilities of the student by these descriptions. Would
    you agree that these words may be deceptive and that medical students should
    only be identified by the words "medical student"?

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