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Social Anxiety: Effective Ways To Cope With This Disorder

Discussion in 'Psychiatry' started by Hadeel Abdelkariem, Sep 30, 2019.

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    For many people, anxiety is a normal part of life. After all, it’s normal to worry a lot about things and get nervous about the things that can happen, especially if we can’t control it in any way. For some, however, anxiety goes a little bit further and becomes an actual disorder, leaving people constantly worried and fearful about everyday situations at an intense, excessive and persistent level. This would often result in repeated episodes of sudden panic attacks that reach its peak within minutes.

    One such example is social anxiety, which is characterized by experiencing anxiety whenever presented to act in a social setting such as talking to people. It’s also defined as the fear of being negatively evaluated and/or judged by other people.

    If you’re one of the people who struggle from it, then here are some tips to help you cope and eventually overcome it:

    1. Turn negative thoughts into positive ones – Per energy psychology tools, turning your negative thoughts into positive affirmations can help balance the table and help you learn how to manage them more.
    2. Avoid alcohol – Being drunk might seem like an easy escape but it can actually lower your mood and even increase your anxiety. Excessive alcohol use is also common in people with anxiety so it’s best to avoid it and look for other positive coping strategies.
    3. Acts of kindness – Per studies, you can help decrease your level of social anxiety by engaging in acts of kindness, such as doing the dishes of your friend or even just helping clean a bit. This is because it helps promote a more positive social environment, making you more comfortable.
    4. Use healthy breathing techniques – Per various experts, anxiety can be easily eased by using breathing techniques. That’s because anxiety can cause an imbalance between the gases of your body.
    5. Don’t be afraid of social mishaps – Social mishaps are situations that you fear the most but taking the opportunity to be in them with an open mind can help you overcome the fear and instill in your mind that nothing catastrophic will happen.


    People feeling anxious about social interactions can find support and solace on social media. REUTERS


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