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Social Problems For Physicians

Discussion in 'Pre Medical Student' started by Yousey El Shafey, Oct 15, 2019.

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    Almost physicians especially some specialties like surgeons, ob gyn and anesthesiologist live a different life than the others and this life may lead at sometimes to social problems starting from their families to the society.

    What are the kinds of social problems for physicians?
    Family problems,
    due to the trade-off between their families’ needs and their work duties, almost doctors tend to work side, some situations force them to do so like emergency cases, on call, residences. at the end they feel that they are deficient in their family’s rights or they become permanently quarreling with their wife's or they are separated from the lives of their children as they don't know nothing about them.

    Striving for money, this makes them work in more than one place to make a big income, this fulfills the satisfaction of the desires, first, they satisfy the instinctive desire to save a lot of money, and secondly, they took into account the public view of them, they are doctors and must be in a high social status
    This relentless pursuit makes them lose many valuable things, first of all, health, second, social relations, third, psychological comfort.
    The amazing thing is that when they get to a high social level they find themselves wanting to seek a higher stage and thus ends their lives in a quest without pleasure creating social problems for them.

    The work loads, each patient needs a different method of treatment, which may lead to fateful decisions affecting the patient's life. This also makes them under great psychological pressure.

    The feeling of being exploited, even from the closest people to them, their wife's', their relatives and their neighbors. This feeling makes them feel a kind of depression.

    Many of the family problems experienced by working women, especially female doctors, are the exploitation of their husbands and their sense that they have become a source of income only for them, while husbands who are charged for spending on them and their families, so many social problems appear and causing psychological load for them.

    Another point of view
    Does this mean that the lives of all doctors are unhappy, unsuccessful or disturbed and have social problems?

    No, there are many examples in society for physicians who are professionally successful, successful with their families, and successful on the social level also in the field of education.

    But we are talking about the majority in these last years. It is enough to take a look at one of the social media, especially the medical groups to see the problems at hand, you will discover that these problems are a social phenomenon.

    Means of solving social problems for doctors
    If you agree with these ideas, so what can we do?. How can we produce a generation that does not suffer from these problems?

    These social problems can be posed as illnesses, in which we follow the scientific method of solving them. We look at diagnosing the condition, identifying its causes and effects, and then presenting ideas for how to solve these problems and preventive measures?

    Please, share us your opinion and your vision. As your opinion is important, ideas may be small, but important and when they grow, they will contribute a lot to the solution of problems


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