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sound in body and mind

Discussion in 'Spot Diagnosis' started by Lilin, Aug 23, 2018.

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    In summer, people's face and torso are hard to sweat. In time to sweat, the skin can be breathable, but it is necessary to use hot towels to adapt to the cooling rhythm of the body.

    2. Bathing in hot water: the summer cold water bath will make the skin shrink, and the back sense is hotter after washing, while the hot water bath will sweat more, but it can expand the capillary and help the body to heat up. Sweating in the summer is the way to conform to the laws of nature and the rhythm of the human body.

    3. Hot water washing feet: the feet are called second hearts, and the feet are distributed on the feet of the whole body and the reflection points of the viscera.

    The ancients: "wash your feet before bedtime, more than a tonic." Summer is no exception. It felt a little hot at that time, but afterwards it would bring coolness and comfort. ]

    4, drink hot tea: cold drink can only temporarily relieve heat, can not protracted heat, quench thirst, but drinking hot tea can stimulate the capillary vasodilatation, temperature is obviously reduced, this is a simple and easy and easy way.

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