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Steps to Stop Tongue Bleeding

Discussion in 'Hematology' started by waleed, Nov 24, 2011.

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    N.B:Unless they are severe, tongue injuries usually heal quickly. Bleeding tongues are often caused by our own teeth, when we bite our tongues. They can also be the result of someone hitting or striking us in the face, accidentally or intentionally. Excessive bleeding can also happen if a tongue piercing goes wrong or becomes infected. Stop tongue bleeding by applying pressure quickly, and keeping the mouth clean and wet.
    1_Wash hands with soap and water before touching the tongue. Dry them on a towel. Use rubber gloves if they are available.

    2_Sit up and tip your head forward. If the tongue injury is severe enough to create draining blood, tipping the head forward will ensure the blood flows out of the mouth, rather than down the throat.

    3_Remove any loose objects from the mouth. Discard any chewing gum, tobacco and debris, and take out any tongue piercings.

    4_Apply pressure to the area on the tongue that is bleeding. Use a piece of gauze or a clean towel to cover the wound. Press down on the tongue where the bleeding has begun.

    5_Press down on the bleeding area for at least 15 minutes. Continue to apply pressure, and use fresh gauze or new towels if they become too bloody while inside the mouth. Do not continually lift the gauze or towel to see if the bleeding has stopped. Hold the pressure for 15 full minutes before discontinuing.

    6_Rinse the mouth with cold water once bleeding has slowed. Do this several times to wash the remaining blood out of the mouth and keep the tongue cool and moist. Once the bleeding has stopped, rinse with an antiseptic mouthwash to eliminate any bacteria or germs.

    7_Apply ice to the tongue if soreness continues after the bleeding stops. The ice will reduce swelling and numb the tongue to prevent pain. Take some aspirin or ibuprofen according to dosage instructions if pain continues.

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