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Stress And Pregnancy II

Discussion in 'Psychiatry' started by Hala Ali, Nov 22, 2019.

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    If you want to control stress during your pregnancy (or do not want to get stressed), following these tips will help you:

    · Rest as much as you can:

    Try to sleep 7-8 hours a day (although with the need to go to the bathroom and the discomfort of the gut we know it is difficult). Whenever possible, supplement these hours with a nap or a small break in the middle of the day to help you charge batteries.

    · Maintain healthy lifestyle habits:

    Take care of your diet and perform moderate physical activity (provided the doctor has not forbidden it). If you have not done so already, eliminate toxic and exciting foods such as coffee, alcohol, etc. from your diet. Now more than ever, spend time eating quietly.

    · Learn to organize your time and adjust the way you work according to your needs:

    We know that this not only depends on you, but it is really important that you do it. It is a right of every pregnant woman to be relocated to her workplace in a position that is more comfortable to perform for her condition.

    · Delegate what is not strictly necessary for you to do:

    Now the most important thing is that you rest and take care of yourself. It is not that you are on the couch all day but there may be things that are not essential that you do, and you can avoid being overloaded by ordering someone else to do them for you .The perceived social support reduces any detrimental effect of negative emotions.

    · Give yourself a good injection of positive emotions:

    Positive emotions dampen the effects of negative ones. Therefore, do things that you like with your partner, with your friends, or alone. Sex is an excellent source of pleasure that relieves tension. Some women are afraid to have sexual intercourse during pregnancy; as long as your doctor has not forbidden them due to a complication of pregnancy, it is recommended.

    · Prepare the day of delivery and subsequent visits:

    The stress increases as the birth date approaches. Do not hesitate to talk with your doctor about your fears, prepare the baby's basket and your suitcase, and warn future visits whether or not you want to receive them, forget about looking good.

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