Surgeon Hailed As Hero After Completing Seven Ops Without Taking A Break

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    We’ve all had tough days at work, but I dare bet none compares to this surgeon who was forced to perform seven operations without a single break.


    Physician Dai Yu shot to fame in China after successfully completing the seven procedures before taking a nap and then going on to complete three more.

    A picture of him falling asleep on the hospital floor went viral, prompting social media users to hail him as a hero. However, Yu has stayed humble, telling reporters he was simply doing his duty to provide the best care possible to his patients.


    Longgang Channel

    According to local reports, Dr Dai is the deputy director at the Orthopaedic Department of Longgang Central Hospital in Shenzhen, southern China.

    Speaking to local TV station Longgang Channel, Dr Dai said he and his colleagues had been given 10 surgical operations to perform that day.

    He explained how they’d started working at around 8am and successfully carried out seven of the procedures without a break.

    It was around 5pm when they were preparing for the eighth operation, so Dr Dai decided to sit on the floor of the operating theatre to have a 10 minute break while the anaesthetist was preparing for the next surgery.


    Longgang Channel

    However, he accidentally fell asleep and a colleague took a picture of him before uploading it to social media.

    When Dr Dai woke up from his nap, he continued with the rest of the operations and didn’t leave the operating theatre until around 9pm.

    After the picture was shared on social media, people rushed to praise the surgeon for his dedication to performing all the procedures.

    One person wrote, ‘salute – thanks for your effort,’ while another added, ‘Chinese doctors are already the best! Well done.’

    It’s not known what kind of surgeries Dr Dai was performing, however he said it was his responsibility to complete all the procedures as soon as possible in a bid to help all of his patients recover.


    Longgang Channel

    He added that his goal was to further improve his surgical skills and make his operations textbook examples for his peers.

    Well, he certainly did that. However, it’s worth noting that medical professionals shouldn’t be overworked. They need to be at optimal concentration levels to ensure they don’t make any mistakes that could cost someone their life.

    Bravo, Dr Dai.


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