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Tabibi 24/7 Clinics is hiring Family Medicine and Pediatric physicians.

Discussion in 'Doctors Cafe' started by Faculty Of Medicine, Jan 14, 2018.

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    Tabibi 24/7 Clinics provide personalized, high-quality primary medical care services in the fields of family medicine and pediatrics serving the whole family from newborn child to grandparents, in sickness and health.

    Tabibi 24/7 Clinics Egypt have branches in Maadi, Sheikh Zayed, New Giza and New Cairo, They are hiring currently Family Medicine and Pediatric physicians.

    For Pediatric physicians masters degree - first part is needed, for Family Medicine physicians Arab Diploma of Family Medicine OR Egyptian Fellowship of Family Medicine (First Part) is needed.

    You can apply for the jobs through our website "FacMedicine" the largest forum for verified doctors in the world with 9 million visitors yearly, all resumes will be sent automatically to Hagar Salah human resources manager at Tabibi 24/7.

    To apply you need to complete these 2 steps

    Step 1: Create an account, if you are already a member in FacMedicine you can skip this step
    Register here:
    Please fill all fields to register from the first trial.

    Step 2:
    After creating an account, you can apply for the suitable job here
    1- For Family Medicine Physicians apply here:
    2- For Pediatric Physicians apply here:

    Open the link, apply by uploading your CV, please don't close your browser until uploading your CV is complete.

    If you have applied for previous jobs on our jobs portal, you can apply without uploading your CV again.

    FacMedicine Jobs Portal is a free service for trusted hospitals and clinics, and it is also a free service for all applicants.

    Good luck for all applicants.


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