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The 7 Privileges About Studying Medicine

Discussion in 'Doctors Cafe' started by Reham Zenhom, Sep 9, 2019.


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  1. Reham Zenhom

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    Sep 8, 2019
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    People often talk about how hard studying medicine is and how long is the path at medical schools in order to become a doctor, but no one talked about the emotional benefits of becoming a doctor and how studying medicine could be turned into a unique self changing experience. That’s what you will find when you read the article, to find out what are the good reasons to become a doctor.


    Farewell boredom!:

    1- Medicine is both the most difficult,and challenging study,yet the most interesting one. There is never a single moment of boredom. There are over 60 areas of specialties that you get to study and train for during your initial years at medical schools, such as emergency medicine( where you get to deal with the hardest experiences and you get to tell the most amazing stories about what you are facing at the E.R. In addition to getting subjected to adrenaline rush each and every day), family medicine, pediatrics, internal medicine, gynecology, neuromusculoskeletal medicine, dermatology, surgery, immunology, urology and many more exciting limitless fields that easily delete the word (boring) from your prescription of time.

    Stronger self connection:

    2- Choosing your specialty among all those various and limitless fields of medicine could be another unique and challenging experience as you have to dig deep inside yourself, confront your confusion, and face your inner feelings in order to realize what you are actually passionate about and which specialty you like the most and are willing to dedicate your life to . This is considered quite a good opportunity for meditation to connect with yourself and to bond with your inner thoughts and feelings in order to know yourself better, and to be able to handle such a confusing decision.

    Who’s the smartest of them all?

    3- Medicine schools choose the smartest and brightest students with the highest grades. So if you got the chance to be selected at one of them, it means you are among the elitist and the smartest. That definitely gives you something to brag about among your non-doctor friends.

    No extinction:

    4- Being a doctor is the kind of job that will never be extinct. No matter how many applications are invented, all people will always be in need of a doctor.

    More and more humane:

    5- You get to affect people’s lives, rescue them and get touched by their families, their agony, pain, tears and relief. You have the chance to tell them both bad and good news, and to taste the pure happiness of healing somebody’s pain. It’s a blessing that converts you into a more merciful and capable human than you could ever imagine yourself to be.

    Social skills:

    6- If you are a loner and you need to upgrade your social skills, learn how to integrate and work in a group, and be more social, then being a physician is the right path for you. You have to cooperate with other doctors, colleagues, nurses, assistants, mentors and patients as well. Teamwork is the key for success in the field of medicine.

    Make your parents proud:

    7- Your parents always push you to reach your maximum potential, that you never thought existed inside of you. They pressure you to get the highest grades in order to become a prestigious doctor and impress everyone around you. You get to make your parents proud of what they have achieved from raising you. You get them to feel satisfied with your position, and ranking in society in a stable and secure job with relatively high income and high demands.
    Don't you think that all of the previous points could be good reasons to become a doctor!

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