The Best 10 Things About Dating A Doctor

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    The fact is that dating a doctor might be a difficult task. Most of the times, it is very hard to find someone who cares about you, who cares about what you do, and who is smart enough not to spoil everything. As a human, we tend to look for an individual that possess all the good qualities and then often hear that it is impossible for a person to be all you want. But the question is; have you ever dated a doctor? In this post, we shall be looking at some of the reasons you should consider dating a doctor:

    1. Doctors are smart people

    It takes a lot of hard work to become a doctor; the profession requires a lot of determination, commitment, honesty and good IQ. This does not matter to everyone, but the fact is that having a smart boyfriend makes life very sorted and fulfilling.

    2. Doctors are good listeners

    Doctors are very special people; right from the way they listen to their patient during the consultation. Because of being a good listener, they do not interrupt when you are being opinionated amid heated discussions with them. They will always pay much attention, give a concise analysis of what you are discussing with them and conclude by saying they will think about it. In addition to this, they will never be tired of listening to you.

    3. Doctors will not overpower you and won't be too anxious

    Doctors are practical people and do not overwhelm you with a considerable amount of affection that you cannot stand. Your relationship will go beyond sticky nicknames and immature variety of outfits and you will be nurtured in a very mature manner.

    4. Their commitment is the best among others

    The time and dedication they spend before graduation makes it clear that they do not give up or take things lightly. The moment a doctor venture into a relationship, they won’t give up easily until there is a tangible reason to cut the ties.

    5. You cannot gross them out

    You can talk about a lot of things such as your periods, your crams, that ugly mole, the bad experience you had in the past. Even if you vomit on their knees, it will not make them rude. They saw everything and healed everything. There will be no inhibition, and you will feel completely free.

    6. Doctors are powerful and reliable

    They are not easily broken down because of any circumstances. In the middle of the storm, they are strong and firm. Of all the categories of people in the world, doctors are considered the most patient and strong people. You can trust them with your life. Dating a doctor is an assurance that you will have a very strong support system.

    7. Financially, doctors are stable

    As a matter of fact, the financial aspect of this profession is enough to consider dating one.

    8. There will always be new stories to tell

    Doctors meet a different set of people with various problems. They save people's lives and experience beautiful things. Fun cases at the time of realization, always have something interesting to say.

    9. They handle problems very well

    Doctors are very effective in solving problems. They are realists, and their practical vision will not leave you stuck in an irreparable situation.

    10. Date a doctor and enjoy free health check-ups

    Last but not least, there is no need for you to meet other doctors for checkups; everything is done free for you.


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